Lips and Eye Glitter

Go glam or go home. With GlitterBodies you can wear our cosmetic approved sparkles in an unlimited number of ways, but here is a little inspiration for you boys and girls.

Glitter Lips – Who doesn’t want to look like they’ve just kissed a leprechaun (or unicorn if you fancy). Wearing glitter lips on those smackers will have everyone in the room totally mesmerized. With our glitter glue and loose glitter it is easy to achieve this look. Wear it heavy for nights out and parties or if that’s not your thing then a loose sprinkling is always classy.

Glitter Eyes – This is the ultimate favourite application for our products. Loose eye glitter can be used to perfectly compliment your existing eye shadow. Simply apply some of our eye glitter glue over and sprinkle a little loose eye glitter for a light sparkle. For a stronger appearance, use standalone as a loose glitter eye shadow by applying multiple layers.

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