Glitter Pigments

GlitterBodies glitter pigments first start of as rolls of super fine Polyethylene Terephthalate with a thickness of less than 0.02mm (20 microns). These are then dyed using FDA approved colours – over 80 to choose from! Once coloured, the rolls go on to be coated in Phenolic Epoxy Resin – a substance which softens the material and seals in the colour making it completely colourfast and removing possible irritability.

The next process in the production of glitter pigments entails running the rolls into a specialist rolling-cutter machine. Rotary super fine blades gently cut into the film rolls to create perfect, almost microscopic hexagonal flakes. The cut glitters then undergo a rigorous filtration process – this removes extra dust and microscopic shavings which may otherwise cause irritation on sensitive areas.

Now that your GlitterBodies glitter pigments are ready to be packaged by some amazing Umpa Lumpas (we can wish) and be sent to your door.

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