• This page is dedicated to all the questions our beloved magpies may have.

    What exactly is your product?

    We sell premium grade glitters suitable for both cosmetic or craft use.

  • What are your glitters made of?

    Our regular cosmetic grade glitters are made of PET (Polyester Terephthalate).

  • Are your glitters biodegradable?

    The material used for our glitters are biodegradable in the long term – they take approximately 15 years to decompose.

  • Do you make ‘bio-glitter’?

    We are currently in the process of making a line of our own ‘bio-glitter’. Watch this space! Should hopefully be sooner rather than later.

  • Which size of glitter is the best?

    We have multiple cuts of glitters going from microfine which is a miniscule 25 microns or as big as 10mm to custom order. Each type has its own respective qualities.

  • Which size of glitter is the shiniest?

    Generally as a rule of thumb, the larger the fleck of glitter, the more light it will reflect and hence larger cuts are more popular for festival use and embellishment whereas fine glitters can be used at any time.

  • Which finish of glitter is the best?

    When you think of the word ‘glitter’, chances are the first thing that pops into your mind is metallic glitter. They have a single shade and reflect the most amount of light and are available in the widest range of colours.

    Holographic glitters are like metallic but have a colour shift effect to them, also commonly referred to as a ‘Chameleon’ effect. Think of a shiny authenticity sticker you get on products.

    Iridescent glitters are pastel shades with a shine of another colour on them. This effect can be likened to that on a seashell or on soap bubbles!

    Neon glitters have a brighter base colour with little or no iridescence. Just lots of bold, vibrant colour.

  • Your glitters are a lot cheaper than what I see in most places – why is that?

    We produce our own glitters and have been doing so for almost a decade. We currently supply many big known brands on an OEM basis. By purchasing from us you are purchasing directly from the source.

  • I require a larger quantity of bulk cosmetic glitter. Can you offer any discounts?

    If you require bulk bags, we may be able to offer some form of discount. Just use the contact form to send us a message. Do include the colour(s) required as well as the quantity of each.

  • I’m looking to start up my own glitter brand and would like glitters packaged to my specification. Is that something you can do?

    Yes! We already work with a number of large well-known brands and can supply glitters with your brand name on if that is what you want. We can also cut glitters to any colour/shape/size that you require as well as mix custom blends.

  • I’m looking to stock your products. Do you supply in bulk?

    Yes! Please get in contact with us using the form. We can supply bulk bags for makeup artists as well as discounts of large numbers of prepackaged pots for resale.

  • I need a certain specific shaped cut or size of glitter which I don’t see on the website. Can you make it?

    Yes! We can also do a custom cutting service. We do require a minimum of 1kg for custom cuts though in most cases and a cutting fee does apply. Please get in contact with us using the form with specifics of your requirements and we can provide more information.